Young Parents' Program
Young Parents' Program
General Information

If you are a Young Parent, we can:

Support and encourage you as a parent
Help and guide in continuing your high school education
Provide you with high quality, licensed childcare that is
conveniently located on the high school property
Provide you with information about baby's and family's
health and development
Give you opportunities for connecting with other young
parents and share the joys and challenges of parenthood
Get you connected to really great programs in the
The Campbell River Young Parents' Program has four components:
  • Education
  • Child Care
  • Support
  • Health
Many parents in the Young Parents' Program
attend an alternate program at Carihi Secondary
School (350 Dogwood St.), but parents may also attend
another recognised education or training program, or be
working too. The Young Parents' Program offers an
environment where students can work at their own pace.
Our support worker provides ongoing support, weekly parenting classes, special events
and activities, crafts, and other opportunities for learning and self development.
Cari's Infant and Toddler Centre is the child care component of Campbell
River Young Parents' Program, and is located on the grounds of Carihi
Secondary School (see our web-page). Fees for children of qualifying parents
are paid in full by the Child Care Subsidy program.
Child Care
The Support/Outreach
Worker for the Young
Parents' Program provides
young parents with the
support they may need in
their roles as parents and
The Health and Wellness component of the Young Parents' Program is provided by a
Public Health Nurse, an Infant Development Consultant and guest speakers during the
parenting classes. These health workers visit Cari's on a regular basis and provide
information, answers to questions, and guidance concerning health care decisions.
Contact Us
Rudi Kreis (Carihi)
phone:   250-286-6282
fax:        250-286-0707
e-mail:   rudi.kreis
Kate Gigiel (Robron)
phone:  250-923-4918 ext 223
Child Care:
Gwen Bennett:
phone:  250-286-1193
fax:        250-286-1135
       Amanda Adams:
                phone: 250-286-1193
                cell:      250-830-4751
phone:  250-286-1193
cell:     250-830-4751
The Support Components include parenting
classes, goal setting, parent-child activities,
and special events. The support and outreach
workers are also available for home-visits,
driving young parents to doctor's appointments,
helping in accessing community resources, and
Amanda Adams is our
Support/Outreach Worker